There’s no shortage of activities in Door County during the summer and fall months, and one of the best parts about living and operating a resort on the peninsula is being able to share our recommendations for things to do, shops to visit, and places to grab a great bite to eat. Some of these places are classic, need-to-visit places in Door County, while others are a little off the beaten path.

Take a look at the links below for some of our favorite places for shopping in Door County, outdoor activities, restaurants, galleries, performing arts venues, and more. And, because Ephraim Shores is a downtown Ephraim resort, we also have a special section with all of the places that are right here in Ephraim. No matter what you’re interested in — kayaking in Door County, winery tours in Door County — chances are you’ll find it in the links below!

Restaurants in Ephraim

Shopping in Ephraim

Galleries in Ephraim

Attractions in Ephraim

Events in Ephraim